About Us

A Global Cloud Platform

MOND Cloud is all about providing a Single Cloud Platform with BPM, EAI, SOA and B2B functionalities that is complemented by exceptional service and operational excellence.

The MOND Cloud (Public or Private) platform is designed to deliver the high performance, high availability and extreme stability demanded by Banking, Finance, Insurance, Securities (BFIS), Manufacturing and Retail industries.


  • Platform as a Service with 99.99% availability

    MOND is a massively scalable and flexible platform that enables simplified IT deployment architecture. It combines a robust, highly secure private infrastructure with professional IT management.

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  • Complete End to End Monitoring

    MOND BAM provides comprehensive automated and manual monitoring 24x7x365 that covers the applications, network, servers, documents, business processes running in the MOND Cloud.

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  • Disaster Recovery As a Service

    MOND Platform provides a full range of business resiliency services including Disaster Recovery, Backup and Archiving. Your critical data are securely stored, available and protected 24x7x365.

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  • BPM, EAI, SOA, B2B as a Service

    A single platform with well defined and integrated functionality prevents handoffs, lowers costs and enables rapid agile development resulting in 80% lower TCO compared to traditional solutions.

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A Global Cloud Platform

With MOND Cloud there are no software licenses, hardware or installation services to purchase.It provides clients easy access to an enterprise-grade public/private environment with the latest hardware and software without capital expenditures, periodic expensive upgrades or ongoing maintenance and monitoring.

MOND Cloud employs a wide range of security practices to protect sensitive client data and resources, including physical security, isolation and virtualization security, policy enforcement, access control, encryption and resiliency.

Benefits of MOND Cloud Platform

Start Evaluation Immediately
With MOND Cloud there are no software licenses to buy, no software to install.With pre-defined templates, business processes, semantic repository, you can start immediately. Why wait?
No costly software upgrades, no maintenance fees
You are always on the latest version. Unlike on-premise versions where customers find it difficult to keep installing newer software versions, with Cloud you are always using the latest version.
We are responsible for Security, Scalability, Availability and Disaster Recovery
MOND Cloud is a secure, scalable, highly available platform with stringent customer SLA's with 24x7x365 support for our customer's mission-critical applications, data and their users.
Switch from cloud to on-premise or vice versa
Customers can switch from MOND Cloud to on-premise or vice versa with minimal effort.
80% Lower TCO
With several innovative concepts, MOND provides an agile, rapid, responsive application platform, that enables internal and external integration that dramatically reduces cost and time.
Strong functionality in BPM, EAI, SOA, B2B
MOND Cloud is an integrated suite, with strong functionality in multiple areas that makes it easy to implement todays demanding problems.