MOND EAI/ESB by ConnectGlobalOne

Parsing an EDI X12 810 Invoice Message

How do others do it?

Before looking into the MOND Semantic approach, lets take a look at how other tools parse and create messages.

Data Transformation using other tools

The industry has realized that manual, field to field mapping is time consuming and costly.

The MOND approach saves more than 80% time compared to traditional tools, improves quality and time to market, and enables agile development.

Semantic EDI X12 Parser

MOND EAI/ESB uses a Semantic Repository to parse/create any structured document. This concept is completely different from any of the EAI/ESB tools available today.

This separates the business logic from the data format, enabling rapid and seamless transformation from one format to another.

Once the message is parsed, the values can be accessed using individual Business terms and can be used in business rules, in creating target messages etc.

The same concept can be used to parse messages from different banks/entities by using a different Definition template provided by MOND or its partners.

The logs below show the result of parsing a X12 810 Invoice message

Parsing message...
ISA*00*          *00*          *01*041660445      *12*2222222222     *121009*0632*U*00401*000005522*0*P*>~
ITD*08*3*2*20121215*67*20121009*68*****2% 15TH PROX NET 16TH 2ND MTH~

Keyword: TransactionSet Value: 810
Keyword: TransactionSetControlNumber Value: 000003745
Keyword: DocumentReferenceInvoiceDate Value: 20121009
Keyword: DocumentReferenceInvoiceDateTime Value: 20121009
Keyword: DocumentReferenceInvoiceNumber Value: 0016985015
Keyword: InvoiceDate Value: 20121009
Keyword: InvoiceNumber Value: 2-52436
Keyword: ReferenceQualifier Value: VR
Keyword: SenderPort Value: ACME CO.
Keyword: BuyerMarketplaceLocationCode Value: 924518381
Keyword: ItemLocation Value: 0054059238
Keyword: BillOfLadingNumber Value: 924518381
Keyword: InvoicingPartyName Value: CUSTOMER
Keyword: ShipToPartyCodeAssignedBy Value: 92
Keyword: ShipToPartyCode Value: 25190
Keyword: DeliveryConditionCode Value: 08
Keyword: PaymentTermsDiscountPercent Value: 2
Keyword: PaymentTermsDiscountDueDate Value: 20121215
Keyword: PaymentTermsDiscountDueDateTime Value: 20121215
Keyword: PaymentTermsDiscountDaysDue Value: 67
Keyword: PaymentTermsNetDueDate Value: 20121009
Keyword: PaymentTermsNetDueDateTime Value: 20121009
Keyword: PaymentTermsNetDays Value: 68
Keyword: PaymentDescription Value: 2% 15TH PROX NET 16TH 2ND MTH
Keyword: BuyerLineItemNumber[1] Value: 003
Keyword: ItemTotalQuantity[1] Value: 1
Keyword: ItemQuantityUOMCode[1] Value: EA
Keyword: ItemUnitPrice[1] Value: 1.34
Keyword: ItemCategory[1] Value: BP
Keyword: SupplierPartNumber[1] Value: TIMSET17
Keyword: VendorPartNumberQualifier Value: VP
Keyword: VendorPartNumber Value: SET17-900SA;
Keyword: BuyerLineItemNumber[2] Value: 004
Keyword: ItemTotalQuantity[2] Value: 1
Keyword: ItemQuantityUOMCode[2] Value: EA
Keyword: ItemUnitPrice[2] Value: 1.59
Keyword: ItemCategory[2] Value: BP
Keyword: SupplierPartNumber[2] Value: TIMSET35
Keyword: VendorPartNumberQualifier Value: VP
Keyword: VendorPartNumber Value: SET35-900SA;
Keyword: SurchargeOrdiscountAmount Value: 158930
Keyword: ConditionRecordPerUnit Value: 160537
Keyword: TotalNumberOfLineItems Value: 2