April 15, 2015

Latest release of MOND Cloud Version 4 includes EAI, B2B, BPM, SOA, BPM, ETL and Supplier Portal in a Single Enterprise Integration platform.

A Single Enterprise Integration Platform, Single SLA:The new release enables customers in Retail, Insurance, Banking and Financial Services to manage a substantial part of their business using a single, well integrated cohesive platform.

The new release provides significant enhancements in Web Services Security, REST API Management, SOA Governance, Semantic ETL, Parallel Execution of Jobs, Responsive UI design, BPM governance, JMS based integration capabilities and more.

Customers can choose the on-premise version or the Cloud version of MOND, both of which use the same code base.

Single Enterprise Integration Platform - Data Integration

MOND reduces integration complexity using a semantic data dictionary model for different standards like SWIFT, ACORD, ISO20022, Fix, FpML, SAP, OAG, EDI etc. The format independent Data Transformation services enable rapid migration from legacy platforms and rapid onboarding of new partners and systems.

Single Enterprise Integration Platform - EAI

Mond ESB enables agile integrations by reducing complexity and using several pre-built connectors and adapters. It enables on-demand scaling up or down based on customer needs.It supports most commonly used Integration patterns and can serve as the critical foundation layer for rapidly growing enterprises.

Single Enterprise Integration Platform - B2B

MOND Cloud provides Managed FTP, secure data transformation, storage and communication capabilities eliminating the need for expensive traditional EDI VAN's. It supports secure well known industry protocols like AS1, AS2, AS3, RNIF etc. and is massively scalable.

Single Enterprise Integration Platform - BPM

MOND BPM is a next generation BPM that includes adaptive case management, structured and unstructured business process management, Responsive UI, KPI Dashboards along with a strong business rules enginge and strong integration capabilities.

Single Enterprise Integration Platform - SOA

MOND Cloud provides a comprehensive SOA Governance platform that includes creation and management of Secure Web Services, REST API's as well as consuming them. These definition's can be done by non-technical people such as business analysts using wizards.

Single Enterprise Integration Platform - ETL

The MOND Enterprise Integration Platform speeds up ETL processes from months to weeks. MOND ETL supports Data Migration, Consolidation and Integration. It supports Data cleansing using functions like lookups, validations, filters and translations. It supports a variety of data manipulation techniques including sorting, merging, arithmetics etc.

Single Enterprise Integration Platform - Supplier Portal

MOND Supplier Portal is a centralized portal for managing all supplier interactions. Along with MOND Data Integration capabilities, it provides smaller suppliers the option to exchange electronic documents in any format with their buyers.It also provides increased visibility, alerts and several KPI's.

All of these components work seamlessly with each other, resulting in an agile Integration platform that can quickly handle any challenge. Customers have the choice of opting for one or more of these components, based on their integration needs.

MOND cloud is hosted on the secure Amazon AWS and has successfully completed the SOC Type II audit conducted by Grant and Thornton.

About ConnectGlobalOne: MOND Cloud is used by leading Manufactures, Retailers, Banks, Insurance Companies and others to manage its internal and external Integrations.