Technical Infrastructure

What does the MOND Platform include?

Servers (Windows/Linux)

Database (MySQL/SQLServer/Oracle/DB2/MongoDb)

Load Balancer

WebServices/REST API Server

Single Sign-on for Business Users



Application Server (JBoss/Wildfly/Others)

Database Replication


JMS Queue/Topics/Subscribers

Platform monitoring and support



Scale, trust and reliability
Performance and Transparency

The MOND platform powers a growing ecosystem of business-critical applications - from real-time deliveries, payments to insurance applications. By concentrating on the data, workflow, security, agility , we free you up to focus on how to improve your business.

Single Platform, multiple functionality


Built in Load Balancer
with high availability

For the last 4+ years, even when leading websites were down, MONDCloud was up and running.

Built on core Amazon AWS functionality, MONDCloud includes additional algorithms and redundant infrastructure that ensure high availability, even when the main AWS region is down.

Periodic vulnerability, penetration tests and server hardening ensure that we provide you with a robust, dependable platform that can run your mission critical applications.

Our redundant infrastructure ensures that if the worst does happen, we can maintain our systems without our customers experiencing any drop in service.

Database Replication
Improved Availability

Our databases are replicated to ensure high availability of the data stored within the MOND platform.

In addition, data is periodically backed up across regions, retained for several years(on request).

This significantly reduces risk of data errors, improves application reliability, fault tolerance and ensures no-down time.

Enterprise Class
Security and Reliability

We take the security and reliability of your data and applications very seriously. It is shown in our infrastructure investment, internal policies, SSAE16 certification and employee training.

Real-time Monitoring
Obsessive Monitoring

Our operations team relentlessly monitors our systems. We collect thousands of data points every second to constantly tune system performance.


"MOND Platform enables you to build complex applications, replace costly B2B solutions, simplifies implementation time frames, costs and offers a compelling ROI

  • Data Transformation As a Service

    Whether you receive files of one format, or thousand entirely different formats, MOND makes the transformation process agile and easy to manage.

  • 80% Less Cost & Complexity

    Whether it is on-premise or Cloud, MOND offers high performance at significantly lower costs and time frames.

  • Seamless Scalability

    Enable seamliness integrations into multiple systems, databases and web services with full scalability and high availability.

  • All components needed to build complex applications

    Instead of using multiple products from multiple vendors, use one or more component of the MOND platform to build new applications very quickly.

  • Expose as REST or SOAP

    The Data Transformation services built can be exposed to external applications using Web Services or REST API.

  • Single Click Deployment

    Administrate, test, deploy and monitor data warehouse services using a Web Admin Interface. Job logs that enable easy monitoring of daily scheduled services.

  • Faster ROI

    The Zero license fee, shorter project initiation and implementation times results in a faster ROI.