SOA-Powered Enterprise BPM Platform

MOND BPM enables you to model, build and deploy entire BPM application in days.

MOND BPM is a unique next generation, agile, massively scalable, secure BPM platform as a service that can also be deployed on-premise.

  • Reusable Data Models

    Architects can model business requirements into Data Models, that can be used to store the data in NOSQL MongoDB or Relational databases.

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  • Design your Organization Chart

    Model your organization chart, define roles, associate users to roles. You can also associate skills to roles and tasks can be assigned based on user skills.

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  • Create Responsive UI

    Rated the most powerful UI Designer for non-programmers, Analysts can rapidly create amazing HTML5 forms with common UI elements.

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  • Create Business Rules using Graphical Rules Editor

    Business managers / analysts can create decision trees, business rules etc. and maintain the rules that apply to their specific operational areas.

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  • BPM With Instant SOA

    MOND, the Industry's first Browser based Web Services Generator can be invoked from any BPM Service task to provide powerful data integration capabilities.

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  • Model your Structured/Unstructured Processes

    Dynamically create tasks, sub-tasks, cases, link-cases, automated SLA Tracking, Manage documents, Performance Metrics and more.

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  • Adaptive Case Management

    MOND provides multiple services, including business rules management, business monitoring, collaboration, integration, document capture, and case management.

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  • Collaborative Modeling with your colleagues

    Process Experts can collaborate on processes and reuse the business knowledge that has been built up over time.

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  • Modern, Flexible, Powerful Process Engine

    MOND is a stateless, nimble, highly scalable BPM Engine that can handle a large number of concurrent users.

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  • BAM, KPI Dashboards

    MOND provides real time visibility and tracking. Reprocessing of Business processes from any step is also available to Administrators.

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  • Access rights for every object

    Access rights can be set for Organization Charts, Data Models, Forms, Business Processes for user groups or users.

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  • Version Control, Snapshots, Grouping of Project Artifacts

    Backups, snapshots with audit control, enable you to go back in time to any version.

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  • Process Accelerators and Best Practices

    MOND Knowledge center has several proven models and processes that can be used to kickstart projects immediately.

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Enterprise Data Modeling
Browser based UML Editor

Using the UML Editor, analysts and architects can quickly model the data used by them. This data can then be stored in relational SQL databases or NOSQL Databases.

This data model can also be used as Reference Data within the enterprise, it can be used to create 360 Degree view of the customer etc.

Design your Organization Chart
With Roles, Capabilities and Users

Model you organization chart, define roles, associate users to roles. You can assign the appropriate process and capability-level responsibilities for different users within your organization.Tasks can be assigned dynamically based on user capabilities.

Responsive User Interface
Based on Twitter Bootstrap

MOND form designer is an intuitive, easy to use software that can be used to produce complex forms with all possible field types.When used with the Data Modeler, the user data entered in these forms can be easily stored in relation or NOSQL databases.

Create Business Rules using
with No Coding.

Automate complex decision intensive Business Processes in areas such as Risk Assesment, Quotation Request, Anti-Money Laundering, Loan Processing etc.

BPM With Instant SOA
Industry's first Browser based SOA platform.

MOND Cloud provides a 6 step wizard that can be used to created and expose complex WSDL's with ease. Any of the classes designed in the data modeler can be used as input or output to the web service.

The business logic for the web service can invoke decision trees, complex business rules etc.Unlike most other tools in the market, MOND SOA does not require JAXB.

Model your Structured/Unstructured Processes

Data Uploaded as part of the Business Process can be stored, tagged and retrieved in the comprehensive and secure MOND Document Management System. MOND Semantic Business rules can be used to build quotes, process claims, evaluate KYC Forms and more.Requires fewer consultants, shorter timeframe.

Adaptive Case Management
With Escalation, SLA Management, Dashboards

ACM enables any knowledge worker to simultaneously create and act on the process. There is no separation of design and run time.

In ACM, the tasks themselves, and their order of completion, may be changed by data generated during the process.

Collaborative Modeling with your colleagues
End user collaboration with support teams/agents.

MOND enables the business and IT team to work together and collaborate on the process definitions. Architects and business users can annotate or comment on processes in a secure environment.

Run time Collaboration widget can be used to enable users to collaborate with each other as part of the business process.

Modern, Flexible, High Performance Transaction Engine
Highly scalable

The MOND BPM Engine is a stateless engine that runs on latest JBoss servers. A single MOND server supports several thousand concurrent users and processes.

BAM, KPI Dashboards
Real time Monitoring

MOND enables productivity tracking to eliminate bottlenecks.It provides dynamic alerts with real-time mutil channel notification of violations for business level policies and SLA's.Cases per agent, Cases per severity, average resolution time, average task completion time, SLA compliance are some of the many KPI's available.

Access Rights for every object
With Audit Control

Access rights can be set for every individial Organization Chart, Data model, User Form, Business Process and User defined Menu Items.

Audit logs are available to review the changes.

Implement "four eyes approval" scenarios with ease.

Version Control, Snapshots, Grouping of Project Artifacts
Deploy a Project group

You can take backups, snapshots of every object including Organization Charts, Data Models,Forms and Process Models.

Process Accelerators and Best Practices
Extensible, Domain Knowledge

MOND Industry Process Accelators embody industry specific best practices that provide end to end visibility for entire business processes.

These accelerate the time to value for BPM projects.These processes are designed and available across our entire solutions portfolio for industry, functional, and technical solutions.