MOND Cloud B2B Platform

MOND Cloud B2B enables you to connect, collaborate, build and manage your entire partner communities

MOND B2B is a unique next generation service that eliminates the need for costly EDI VAN's, on-premise AS2 Servers, RNIF Servers etc. It is a secure, reliable, trusted, massively scalable B2B platform that is used by global giants to manage their partner communities.

MOND Cloud AS2 Servers and RNIF Servers have provided 99.99% availability in demanding conditions and under heavy load. It provides guaranteed document delivery, with Business Activity Monitoring servers that alert the support team in case the trading partner does not acknowledge message receipt within the predefined SLA's.

What makes MOND Cloud B2B a unique solution in todays market?

With MOND Cloud, we offer a unique Single SLA across your entire supply chain, resulting in faster issue resolution and a smoother and agile supply chain.

  • Cloud AS2 Server

    MOND Cloud AS2 server handles both incoming and outgoing EDI documents, eliminating the need for on-premise AS2 Servers and costly VAN's.

    This results in a simplified on-premise infrastructure, faster partner on-boarding and a stable B2B environment.

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  • Industry First Cloud RNIF Server

    MOND Cloud RNIF server handles both incoming and outgoing RN documents, eliminating the need for on-premise RNIF Servers.

    This results in a simplified on-premise infrastructure, faster partner on-boarding and a stable B2B environment.

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  • Managed FTP

    MOND Managed FTP Service provides enterprises a secure, reliable and well governed infrastructure for file transfers.

    It provides end to end visibility, traceability, monitoring and audit controls at a significantly lower cost compared to other providers.

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  • Structured Document Collaboration: EDI, XML, CSV, Positional Files

    B2B is all about enabling connectivity with partners and rapidly transforming documents to partners's format.

    MOND's omni-directinal data transformation capability has proven to reduce partner onboarding timeframes from 6 weeks to 5 days.

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  • Unstructured Document Collaboration: PDF, Excel, Design, Planning, Legal Documents

    A modern agile B2B environment is no longer just about EDI and XML based collaboration.

    Its also about sharing design documents, collaborating, eliminating emails, in a secure environment with strong security and audit controls.

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  • Direct Complex Database Integration

    MOND enables database integrations by using Semantic Dictionaries to create EDI, XML documents from any database table.

    Scheduled jobs periodically pull documents to be sent to partners. Inbound documents are stored as business documents in the database.

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  • ERP to ERP, Guaranteed Document Delivery

    For an agile B2B environment, it is extremely criticial that any business document be delivered and acknowledged by trading partners within predefined SLA's.

    With MOND, it is possible to track a business document from the time it is created in the customers ERP to the time it is created in the partners ERP.

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  • SOC Type II Audited from 2011

    The annual SOC 1 Report Type II audit conducted by Grant Thornton , confirms that the MOND platform and CG1 met the requirements for SSAE 16 Type 2 compliance.

    This stringent standard addresses process integrity, security, availability, change management, incident management, confidentiality, and privacy.

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  • Secure and Reliable Cloud Service

    Ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our customer's data is of utmost importance to us, as is maintaining trust and confidence.

    MOND Cloud has been built with security best practices in order to provide end-to-end security and privacy while delivering a world class reliable and highly available B2B platform.

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  • 99.99% Availability

    MOND Cloud has a spotless record in ensuring 99.99% availability to its customers and trading partners.

    MOND Cloud has been architected and designed to ensure that there is no single point of failure. Load balancing, clustering, replication along with well tested Disaster Recovery procedures have ensured a consistent user experience.

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  • Cloud Dashboards

    MOND Dashboards are available to customers and trading partners.

    These dashboards provides real time visibility, tracking, graphs and alerts.It is possible to reprocess any business document based on access rights.

    Business documents can be viewed/downloaded based on access rights and IP Address.All user actions are audited.

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