MOND Platform for Insurance

MOND Platform for Insurance

The MOND platform enables insurers to automate business processes for responding to quotes, underwriting, claims handling, customer service etc.Streamling and automating these processes allows Insurance companies to rapidly roll out new offerings based on customer and market demands. At the same time, it also provides increased transparency and enables quick and accurate decision making.

The MOND platform empowers customer service staff by providing a Single View of the Customer(SvoC) that pulls data from customer master data, claims, payments, service calls etc. and presents a single view of the customer interactions.

MOND SvoC also increases Upsell and Cross Sell Opportunity for our customers. Ability to view current and past policies, presence or absence of family member"s policies; previous customer interactions, products purchased etc. enables higher customer retention and more targeted selling opportunities.


What can you do with MONDCloud?

Build scalable mission critical insurance applications

Build innovative online quoting, claims and self-service applications using multi-step forms and workflows

Build insurance Pricing Engines

Build Aggregator/InsurTech solutions that integrate with Insurers

Enable Broker channel expansion with ability to receive data in any format and quickly integrate them

Participate & avail the benefits of secure global data sharing by storing in and reading data from Ethereum Smart Contracts

Build complex data warehouse with flexible ETL services

Become standards compliant like ACORD, CSIO etc.

Increase Agility, compete with the disruptors



A MOND Insurance SOA Architecture

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