Unstructured Document Collaboration with Workflow

Document, Task Collaboration with Case Management
With Enterprise security

The ability to share documents in a secure way, with controlled access, audit and workflow make MOND DMS an ideal platform in Banking(KYC) , Insurance, Legal and other industries.

Project and Task Management
with Workflow

Organized Documents:Store your documents in custom folders, with conversations for each folder, file.

Manage Deadlines: Using the workflow engine, set deadlines, automatic reminders, escalation etc. for tasks, folders and files.

Secure Collaboration
with Access rights

Invite partners/colleagues to view, ccomment, download your documents.

Manage File Access: Set permissions to limit access to view, edit, comment, download, upload etc.

Manage Tasks Automate task assignment, approvals, data collection, task re-assignment based on access rights.

Password-Protect Protect folders and files with passwords.Set expiry dates.

Real time Notification
and alerts

Real time notifications (configurable) when a document is uploaded, downloaded, task created, completed, not completed within SLA etc.

Activity Dashboard
Track and Report

Document dashboard audit's and maintains a trail of every user action.

Detailed reports are available to ensure that usage conforms to security policies set by the administrators.