SWIFT MT MX Convergence

Mission Critical Transformational Engine

MOND simplifies financial and securities messages, payments integration, processing and orchestration within your enterprise, reducing development and change management by up to 80%.

Discover a faster and easier way to transform financial messages from any format to any format.

Pre-built solutions for SWIFT, ISO20022, SEPA, FIX and FpML standards and more.....

Key Capabilities


Powerful FinTech Vocabulary
Build Format Independent Data Transformations

Your vocabulary consists of your business terms. Once the vocabulary is built, or imported, Business Analysts can build complex rules irrespective of whether the data is coming from a database, CSV, XML, Excel, Fixed Binary or Proprietary Canonical Formats.

This significantly reduces risk of data errors, development and support time.

  • MT101
  • MT102
  • MT103
  • MT104
  • MT107
  • MT192
  • MT195
  • MT196
Industry Usage
  • Request for Transfer
  • Multiple Customer Credit Transfer
  • Single Customer Transfer
  • Direct Debit and Request for Debit Transfer
  • General Direct Debit Message
  • Request for Cancellation
  • Queries
  • Answers
  • pain.001
  • pacs.008
  • pacs.008
  • pacs.003, pain.008
  • pacs.003
  • camt.055
  • camt.026,camt.027, camt.033
  • camt.034,camt.028, camt.031

Payments and Cheques
Bi-diectional, Seamless and effortless

Using the MOND Semantic Vocabularies for SWIFT and ISO20022, parsing, validation and creation of target messages are extremely simplified.

Business Analysts can add validation rules in a simple English like language.

Financial Institution Transfers
Switch from ISO 15022(MT) to ISO 20022(MX) with ease

MOND Engine can create MX-compliant subscription, redemption and funds switch messages from any data source be it in-house, CSV, Positional file or databases.

  • MT200
  • MT201
  • MT202
  • MT207
  • MT210
  • Financial Institution Transfer
  • Multiple Financial Institution Transfer
  • General Financial Institution Transfer
  • Request for Financial Institution Transfer
  • Notice to Receive
  • pacs.009, camt.050
  • pacs.009
  • pacs.009
  • pain.001
  • camt.057

  • MT502
  • MT509
  • MT515
  • MT524
  • MT564
  • MT565
  • MT566
  • MT567
  • MT568
  • Order to Buy or Sell
  • Trade Status Message
  • Client Confirmation of Purchase or Sale
  • Intra-Position Instruction
  • Corporate Action Notification
  • Corporate Action Instruction
  • Corporate Action Confirmation
  • Corporate Action Status
  • Corporate Action Narrative
  • setr.004, setr.005, setr.010
  • setr.016, setr.017
  • setr.027, setr.006, setr.012
  • semt.013, sese.020
  • seev.031, seev.035, seev.039
  • seev.033, seev.040
  • seev.036, seev.037
  • seev.032, seev.034
  • seev.031, seev.038

Securities Messages
Convert Swift MT Corportate Actions to MX with little or almost no coding.

With more than 60 corporate event types and multiple voluntary participation offers, corporate actions processing is a complex task.

Reduce the costs and mitigate the risks with MOND Corporate Actions solutions

Cash Management
Customer account status dashboards

MOND parses SWIFT messages into Business Terms, that can be used to generate MX messages out of the box. Cross field validations, lookups and other complex business rules can be built by Business Analysts, resulting in a faster migration.

  • MT900
  • MT910
  • MT920
  • MT940
  • MT941
  • Confirmation of Debit
  • Confirmation of Credit
  • Request Message
  • Customer Statement Message
  • Balance Report
  • camt.054
  • camt.054
  • camt.060
  • camt.053
  • camt.052

Enterprise Middleware with BPM
Semantic Transformation Engine

A Simplified, yet powerful implementation of Java Batch Processing (JSR 352), enables hierarchical, dependent batch jobs to be defined.

The powerful MOND EAI enables easy definition of Queues, Topics, Batch Jobs, Data Transformation, Data Validation and Data Transportation services, along with detailed transaction monitoring and technical/business dashboards.

STP - Guaranteed 4 Nines
Clustering, Replication, Disaster Recovery

MOND (Cloud and On-Premise) provides clustering and load balancing with replication. Well tested Disaster Recovery Solutions, provide a guaranteed RTO (Recovery Time Objective).

MOND Cloud has been SSAE16 Type II audited for more than 3 years now. Well documented and audited management process that covers hardware, software and services.

Combine with MOND Forms, BPM,Data Integration
to create Agile Financial workflows

Engage users with tasks and approvals through email or SMS. Track the progress of assignments, tasks and overall workflows with personalized Reports and Dashboards.

Create management level dashboards and KPIs with data from your business process and data from other systems.


"MOND SEPA Engine is the backbone of our payment processing capabilities."- Wim Schuddinck Axa Bank

"MOND was able to convert MT564 Corporate actions to MX Corporate Actions in days " Nat Sey - IDC.

  • Comprehensive Semantic Vocabulary - Agility & Flexibility

    The MOND Semantic Repository can be used to parse, validate and create messages of any format. They can be used to build business dashboards, data warehouses etc.

  • High Availability , Scalability & Fault Tolerance

    MOND provides a real high availability solution processing mission critical business data. It has a proven track record of continuous operation, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Straight Through Processing - STP

    The MOND platform enables you to achieve high levels of automation, thereby shortening processing cycles, improving data visibility, availability, reliability and accuracy.

  • Less than 10 Lines of Code for MT564 to MX

    Automated code generation significantly reduces development timeframes and reusability of business logic saves time, improves quality and lowers time to market.

  • Lower TCO

    The MOND platform enables you to reduce capital expenditures and mitigate risk while improving performance and increasing operational efficiencies.

  • Full Audit Trails

    All changes are fully tracked, audited and can be reproduced in a detailed and audit-proof manner.

  • Batch Processor with Conditional and Parallel Execution

    Sequences of batch jobs can be defined with dependencies and conditional executions as tree structures. Operations team can view the daily logs of these batch jobs in the same tree structure, resulting in unparalleled ease of maintenance.

  • Business Dashboard

    A fully configurable business dashboard that offers details on documents sent, received, not processed, errors etc. In addition comparisons, online statements, business views for technical documents, linking one or more document received at time intervals are all configurable.

  • Governance

    Change Management, Version Control, Multiple versions, Audit trace etc. enables efficient governance during the lifecycle of the project.

  • Faster ROI

    The Zero license fee, shorter project initiation and implementation times results in a faster ROI.