MOND ISO 20022 Semantic Repository

Omni-Directional SWIFT, ISO 20022, CSV, Database Semantic Repository for Financial Services Industry

MOND Semantic SWIFT-ISO 20022 Framework

MOND Semantic Framework hides the SWIFT and ISO20022 details from programmers. Programmers do not have to worry about parsing the different SWIFT Tags or the different XML tags.


This is the Industry's first solution, where the Business logic is separated from the actual data format. The data format is hidden or encapsulated from the programmer, resulting in an Omni-directional data transformation capability.


This approach results in higher quality, faster to market Integration Services.


This results in future-proof solutions, that can be used to migrate to newer ISO 20022 versions.When a future ISO 20022 version is released, programmers can switch to the new MOND ISO 20022 libraries and use the existing business logic. Only the newer fields have to be taken care off. The existing solution will then work seamlessly with newer ISO 20022 versions.

Immediate Benefits

  • Dramatic improvement in programmer productivity.
  • Can be used by programmers or analysts.
  • Higher Data Quality, as correct XML will be generated irrespective of the order in which the fields are set.
  • Unlike JAXB, there is no need to create Java Classes for each XML Object, resulting in lower memory footprint.
  • Codeless conversion from SWIFT to ISO 20022 and reverse for 80% of the fields.
  • Business validation rules can be created by analysts, without worrying about XML or SWIFT tags.
  • Reduce risk by complying to latest SWIFT/ISO 20022 standards.
  • Faster client on-boarding.
  • Develop, Test, Deploy and Manage using a browser.
  • Audit trail of every change.

Sample Message Catalogue

  • caaa - Card Transactions

    Includes AcceptorAuthorisationRequestV03, AcceptorAuthorisationResponseV03, AcceptorCompletionAdviceV03, AcceptorRejectionV03 etc.

  • camt - Cash Management

    Includes BankToCustomerAccountReportV04, BankToCustomerStatementV04, BankToCustomerDebitCreditNotificationV04, RequestToModifyPaymentV01 etc.

  • pacs - Payments Clearing and Settlement Data Models

    Includes FIToFICustomerCreditTransferV04, FIToFIPaymentStatusReportV05, FinancialInstitutionCreditTransferV04 etc.

  • pain Payments Initiation

    Includes CustomerCreditTransferInitiationV05, CustomerPaymentStatusReportV05, CustomerPaymentReversalV04, CustomerDirectDebitInitiationV04 etc.

  • seev Securities Event

    Includes CorporateActionNotificationV05, CorporateActionInstructionStatusAdviceV05, CorporateActionCancellationAdviceV05, CorporateActionInstructionV05 etc.

  • semt Securities Management

    Includes IntraPositionMovementInstructionV03, AccountingStatementOfHoldingsCancellationV02, SecuritiesEndOfProcessReportV01, TotalPortolioValuationReportV01 etc.

  • tsin Trade Services Initiation

    Includes InvoiceFinancingRequestV01, InvoiceFinancingRequestStatusV01, FinancialInvoiceV01, InvoiceFinancingCancellationRequestV01 etc.

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