MOND Semantic Framework

Enterprise Business Transformation


We are revolutionizing data connectivity by reinventing enterprise integration methodology.

Our products and solutions, powered by Artificial Intelligence and robotic process automation enable insurers to drive digital innovation and automation.

Before we show you our breakthrough technology, we would like to take you on a journey.



How were phone calls made in the last century?






How is data integrated across systems today?


Point to Point Integration is old school, time consuming.

Without meta-data management, auto-discovery, auto-code generation, manual drag and drop based Integration technology is expensive.

By automating transformations based on specifications, lets automate and enable Citizen Integrators to create Data Hubs.



MOND Breakthrough Technology

  • Rapid Integration: 2X faster for Complex Integrations

  • Simplification: 5% of the code

  • Omni-directional meta-data transformations/Semantic mapping simplifies integration

  • AI-assisted citizen-integration shortens implementation greatly reducing risk

  • Integrated data is cleansed, indexed and searchable




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