MOND ESB : Secure, Rapid, Agile ESB

MOND Semantic ESB

MOND Semantic ESB Platform provides a comprehensive framework to enables internal systems, apps and services to talk to each other.

The framework provides capabilities to integrate your IT environment faster and more securely by converting and transforming between different protocols and data formats.

The MOND ESB layer reduces integration complexity and forms a foundation for a rock solid Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

It provides the ability to create Topics, Queues, Publishers, Subscribers, Web Services, REST API's, etc. to enable systems to communicate with each other efficiently.

MOND ESB Framework

  • Data Source Support

    MOND provides connectivity and extraction of data from wide variety of data sources like ERP, CRM, Cloud Applications, AS400 systems, IBM Mainframes, custom databases and custom flat files.

  • Multiple Transport Protocols

    MOND Cloud supports FTP, SFTP, AS2, HTTP(S),JMS and several other transport protocols.

  • Integrated Security with Audit

    MOND encrypts data in flight and data at Rest. The business data is highly secure and accessible only by authorized persons.Each access is logged.

  • Publish, Subscribe, Queue, Topics

    Seamlessly create Publishers, Queues, Topics etc. and consume data, enabling reliable messaging and scalability.


    MOND supports creation of data models, creating Web Services, REST API's based on semantic data models and services.