Rules Engine for Business Analysts

Designed for Business Analysts

MOND complements your applications by automating sophisticated decision processes, reducing development and change management by up to 90%.

Discover a faster and easier way to write, manage and execute Business Rules.

Pre-built solutions for Trade Reconciliations, Loan Approval, Accounts Payable Approval, Supplier Onboarding, Underwriter Portal and more.....

Key Capabilities


Powerful Rule Vocabulary
Build Format Independent Business Rules

Your vocabulary consists of your business terms. Once the vocabulary is built, or imported, Business Analysts can build complex rules irrespective of whether the data is coming from a database, CSV, XML, Excel or any other custom format.

This significantly reduces risk of data errors, development and support time.

Visual Decision Trees
Seamless and effortless

MOND Decision trees make the interaction of nonsymmetrical rules easier to understand. The path from the first condition to the end of the actions along any branch represents one rule.

By adding branches, new rules can be added that have different values for the condition.

Simplify Decision Tables
Build Complex Pricing Engines

MOND Decision tables are used to store airline schedules, price lists, department based reviewers, region list, warranty terms, exclusion lists and more.

Decision tables can be cached on startup, enabling milli-second responses even for very large decision tables with several thousand rows.

Version control is built-in, with ability for new rules to be effective based on a future date.

Nested rules, complex expressions, rule activation, multiple actions, efficient evaluation are some of the other key features.

Let Analysts create Rules
That scale to millions of invocations per day

In addition to Decision trees and Decision Tables, additional MOND Services can be built to fetch data from a database, invoke external REST API's etc.

Create Rule Sets
Expose as Web Service or REST API

Create Rule Sets to combine Decision trees, Decision Tables and MOND Services to form composite rules wherein individual rules contribute to an overall decision.

Rulesets can return composite decisions based on the results of other rules or rule sub-sets without the need to recreate the same rule twice.

Logs that show how and why a rule was executed
With full audit history

Compliance regulations require enterprises to be able to fully explain any decision they made. How was a decision made? Based on what data?

Using which rule? MOND Cloud automatically produces rule execution traces (with user defined levels of detail) and maintains a full history of job logs.

Guaranteed 4 Nines
Clustering, Replication, Disaster Recovery

MOND (Cloud and On-Premise) provides clustering and load balancing with replication. Well tested Disaster Recovery Solutions, provide a guaranteed RTO (Recovery Time Objective).

MOND Cloud has been SSAE16 Type II audited for more than 3 years now. Well documented and audited management process that covers hardware, software and services.

Combine with MOND Forms, BPM,Data Integration
to create Agile Business Solutions

Engage users with tasks and approvals through email or SMS. Track the progress of assignments, tasks and overall workflows with personalized Reports and Dashboards.

Create management level dashboards and KPIs with data from your business process and data from other systems.


"MOND Rules Engine allowed us to quickly implement a complex, yet fully customizable Insurance Quote Generator at one fourth the time and cost of other products;" Raj Abeysinghe - VP Services, Oman Insurance Company.

  • Enterprise ready Rules Engine

    Enterprise ready Business Rules Engine that can be used directly by API's or by the BPM Engine.

  • Modeling Instead of Coding

    Business Analysts can design, automate, and report without writing any code.

  • Agility & Flexibility

    Implement changes rapidly in a few hours that typically take days or weeks. Reduce your time and cost to market.

  • Seamless Scalability

    Enable seamliness integrations into common systems, databases and web services with full scalability and high availability.

  • Lower TCO

    Significantly reduced development timeframes and reusability of business logic not only saves time, but also lowers your Total Cost of Ownership.

  • Full Traceability

    All rule changes and decisions made are fully tracked, audited and can be reproduced in a detailed and audit-proof manner.

  • Improved Collaboration

    Improve the collaboration and coordination of business and IT teams. MOND Cloud offers a perfect collaboration platform for geographically distributed teams.

  • Multiple Versions

    Define multiple versions of rules simultaneously with defined effective dates.

  • Single Click Deployment

    Administrate, test, deploy and monitor business rules and decisions using a Web Admin Interface. Automate the actions using Web Services, REST API etc.

  • Governance

    Change Management, Version Control, Multiple versions, Audit trace etc. enables efficient governance during the lifecycle of the project.

  • Faster ROI

    The Zero license fee, shorter project initiation and implementation times results in a faster ROI.