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MOND for a rapidly growing Pharmaceutical company

Client is a rapidly growing integrated developer, processor and marketer of regenerative biomaterial products and bioimplants.

Client's revenue grew 108% in 2015, requiring urgent automation of its supply chain.

Client is listed on NASDAQ.


  • The client's rapid growth has resulted in more orders to process, deliver, invoices to produce and pay.
  • Manual entry of Orders, Invoices and other documents received.

  • Need to integrate quickly with QAD/MFGPro and to simplify the internal architecture to reduce on-premise software.
  • Need to exchange electronic documents with small and large vendors.

  • Need to integrate with Banks to initiate ACH payments to enable payment automation.
  • To increase the quality and timeliness of Invoices by eliminating manual processes.

The MOND Solution

  • Clients and vendors of this Pharmaceutical company send encrypted EDI/XML/XLS documents via AS2/FTP to MOND Cloud.
  • MOND Cloud securely connects to the client's preferred Banks and sends remittance advices, receives acknowledgement etc.
  • Accounts Payable Automation & Workflow: Suppliers can create Invoices using the portal, submit invoices as PDF, XLS, XML, CSV or any other format.
  • MOND Cloud business rules engine, converts EDI/XML/XLS into a format understandable by QAD.
  • The MOND platform translates the outbound invoices into the format required by the recipient seamlessly.
  • 2 way matching, 3 way matching, Purchase Order Invoice price mis-match, approval, visibility etc. are some of the key components of the solution.

Benefits of the MOND Solution

  • Eliminated manual storage, handling of invoices, duplicate keying of data, resulting in a saving of more than 60%.
  • Single vendor for entire B2B process including hardware, software, services and support.
  • Simplified, automated Partner onboarding process, enabled more than 250+ hospitals in less than 3 months.
  • Rapid on-boarding of new trading partners, changes to existing services, resulting in an extremely agile and happy supply chain.