MOND Supply Chain Use Case

MOND Cloud for Motorola Mobility

Motorola Mobility LLC is a company owned by Lenovo that develops mobile devices. Motorola is known for its innovation, having provided Radio Technology for the Apollo 11's landing, birth of the cell phone, the first customizable Smartphone etc.

Motorola's Moto Maker is the industry's first tool that enables end users to customize their smartphone and watch. Manufacturing the phone based on used specifications and delivering it within 4 days, requires a complex, mature and highly reliable Supply Chain capability.

Drivers for Change

  • Motorola's growth has resulted in more orders to process, procure, manufacture, deliver, track etc.
  • To implement a Lean Model by integrating Motorola's ordering process with its contract manufacturers.
  • Enormous cost to main EDIFACT, X12, AS2 and RNIF based partners.
  • Enormous time to on-board new partners(8+ weeks), costly and time consuming to make simple changes.
  • Documents getting lost, no visiblity, no proactive alerts, no monitoring, no dashboards for partners.
  • Simplify internal architecture, increase SLA's, partner responsiveness.

The MOND Solution

  • Motorala replaced mulitple B2B industry solutions with the MOND Cloud based solution offering AS2, RNIF and FTP Servers with 99.999% availability.

  • MOND Cloud is used to share Business-critical information including purchase order transactions, supply chain data, planning, forecasts, to allow better Inventory Management with fewer material shortages.
  • Motorola's Motomaker the industry's first SmartPhone configurator relies on MOND Cloud to ensure that any phone customized and ordered by consumers is assembled and delivered within the promised SLA's.
  • MOND dashboard provides several KPI's, automatic 3 way matching, document re-processing, audit trail etc.

Benefits of the MOND Solution

  • Created an agile supply chain that can rapidly on board new partners and ensure timely delivery of bi-directional electronic data with all partners.
  • Motorola's supply chain is now agile, scalable, with ability to easily add new partners, handle more orders, and support other business processes that are vital to accommodate company growth.
  • No outages, no messages lost and 100% SLA's met since 2013.

  • Single vendor for entire B2B process including hardware, software, services and support.
    More than a few million dollars of annual savings.