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360° View of Customer

The 360° Customer View refers to an integrated view of the customer across an enterprise. Implementing this capability is usually the foundation for a much wider reorganization to help businesses manage their customers better and understand and assess their needs. Ultimately this effort helps businesses develop profitable offers, products and incentives. The benefits of achieving this insight into the customer are extensive and equally applicable to businesses with a diverse customer base or multiple products or brands.

Nevertheless, the challenges are great, particularly for large, long-standing organizations that have grown through mergers and acquisitions. In these complicated scenarios, these restructured businesses accumulate a plethora of customer management systems, databases and product IT platforms that may not be fully integrated and compatible.

MOND integration middleware can help any business overcome these challenges. It is a proven solution that can provide you with the ability to achieve a 360° view of your customer, easily and quickly.

Customer Data Integration

MOND provides a high performance, scalable platform for building customer data integration to access, link and integrate customer data across the enterprise for a 360° view of customer relationships.

MOND Semantic Transformation

MOND Semantic technology enables data consolidation and aggregation across disparate applications. MOND enables transforming data from any format to the format required by front-end applications used by customer facing teams. This Semantic technology also provides enormous agility to systems so that any change in the data structure of the source or the target system can be easily incorporated without having to change the transformation maps.

MOND Connectivity

MOND provides exhaustive connectivity options and enable you to extract customer master and transactional records from disparate systems. The Direct Database Discovery feature virtually eliminates the enormous time required to prepare meta customer data information in different applications where data has to be extracted. MOND provides cloud application adapters to enable integration to cloud-based Customer Relationship Management applications, such as

Object Oriented Data Validation Rules

MOND provides data validation services comprising of re-usable data validation rules for validation of data across all source systems. irrespective of the data model of these systems. This is particularly useful while building a consolidated master data repository.

Data Services

MOND can be used to define reusable data quality rules for cleansing, enrichment, matching and standardization across projects, all without rework. You can build data services to integrate customer data from source applications to an MDM system. You can also build services to extract and provide details of various customer transactions and expose them as Webservices and / Rest APIs, which can be consumed by any of your front end applications used by your customer facing teams.

Complex Event Processing

The MOND platform includes a native complex event processing engine to identify and respond to new marketing and sales opportunities in real time. It also enables business users to rapidly create business rules to perform real-time data analysis and easily find patterns in data. This can help you make intelligent business decisions that rely on operational intelligence.

Integration with Social Media Sites

MOND provides integration with social media sites, which offers the ability to get data from them and enrich customer profile information. Social media integration provides the ability to explore new business opportunities and access to discussions related to the company’s brand that merit attention with alerts and notifications that may trigger actionable processes based on events or issues.

Business-IT Collaboration

MOND web based Development and Management Studio comprising of MOND Designer, MOND Integration Console and MOND Management Console allows analysts and developers to build graphical process flows, configure and deploy reusable data services and provides centralized control to the IT administrators for configuring data services, deployment, monitoring and management.

MOND Single View of Customer

Talk to us, on how we can help you in achieving Single view of cusotmer.

MOND Advantage

  • Flexibility

    Integrate with any disparate systems to deliver the 360° customer view

    Protect transformation maps from changes to source or target system data models

    Use WebServices or Rest APIs to disseminate customer data to operational systems

    Build and manage integrations using a browser

  • Business Visibility

    Manage by exception – Be alerted of integration failures due to data errors.

    Get a complete view into the status of customer data consolidation.

    Get a complete view into the rationale behind a particular result set when data and dissemination services are triggered

  • Cost effectiveness

    Eliminate the need for multiple software for different aspects of master data management

    Available cloud options may help you eliminate capital, hardware and software costs