How are we different?

How is the MOND Platform different?

The MOND platform provides BPM, EAI, SOA and B2B functionalities as one integrated solution along with 24x7x365 managed service.



The MOND platform components can be used individually or as one integrated platform, empowering architects, analysts, developers and business users to collaborate and rapidly implement agile transformation projects required by the business.







How is the MOND Platform different ?

With MOND Cloud, we offer a unique Single SLA across your entire supply chain, resulting in faster issue resolution and a smoother and agile supply chain.

  • A Completely new approach to Data Transformation

    Unlike the traditional closely coupled data transformations, MOND uses a completely new approach that separates Business Logic from Data format.

    This results in a data transformation service that can be reused across the enterprise.

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  • Industry First: Cloud RNIF Server

    MOND Cloud RNIF (RosettaNet) server handles both incoming and outgoing RosettaNet documents, eliminating the need for on-premise RNIF Servers.

    Used extensively by the Hi-Tech Industry, MOND RNIF results in a simplified on-premise infrastructure, faster partner on-boarding and a stable B2B environment.

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  • Industry First: Browser Based Web Services Builder

    MOND SOA Builder, with its UML Modeler, enables architects to expose any data model as a Web Service service input or output.

    It enables architects, developers to embed complex business logic and expose it as Web Services that can be consumed internally and externally.

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  • Multi-tenant or On-Premise: BPM, EAI and B2B

    The MOND Multi-tenant environment, uses a shared infrastructure for all clients, resulting in a reduced cost per transaction or business process per tenant.

    The same software can be installed on-premise, or in a private cloud infrastructure.This makes it easier for customers to migrate from multi-tenant cloud to private cloud or on-premise or vice versa.

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  • Configure, not code:ESB

    Whether it is creating JMS Queues or Topics or FTP servers or retries, MOND provides configuration screens for every ESB setting. This results in an agile, configurable ESB environment.

    MOND generates the backend plumbing code for ESB settings, thereby improving developer productivity and quality. MOND also provides easy options to deploy the options from one environment to another.

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  • Complex Database Integration Made Easy

    MOND enables database integrations by using Semantic Dictionaries to create any structured document from any database table.

    MOND can parse any structured document, extract required fields and store them in data warehousing tables. Scheduled jobs can be configured to periodically extract information from database tables and transform them into documents.

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  • Object Oriented Data Transformation

    Unlike field to field mapping, MOND enables Object Oriented data transformations that results in reusable business rules.

    For each derived transformation, only the differences have to be built, instead of copy-paste solutions with existing tools.This improves the maintainability and agility of the solution.

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  • Secure, SOC Type II Audited

    The annual SOC 1 Report Type II audit conducted by Grant Thornton , confirms that the MOND platform and CG1 met the requirements for SSAE 16 Type 2 compliance.

    This stringent standard addresses process integrity, security, availability, change management, incident management, confidentiality, and privacy.

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  • Cloud Dashboards, including KPIs, BAM for EAI, BPM, B2B

    MOND Dashboards are available to internal employees, customers and partners.

    These mobile ready dashboards provides real time visibility, KPI's, tracking, graphs and alerts.

    The BAM servers ensure any integration is completed within the predefined SLA's.

  • Cloud BPM, SOA, EAI with Industry Solutions

    MOND Cloud has been architected and designed to ensure seamless integration between BPM, SOA and EAI. This reduces the integration cost and timeframes dramatically.

    With predefined industry solutions in KYC, Account Opening, Loan Origination, Insurance Claims Processing, Case Management, MOND provides rich functionality with lower TCO.

Features across BPM, EAI, SOA, B2B

  • Same software is used for Cloud and on-premise versions.
  • All development using Browser. No Software on developers workstations.
  • Configure/not code approach, first tool that can be used by Analysts, Architects, Business Users and Developers.
  • Multi-Tenanted.
  • End-to-end Audit trails.
  • High Availability.
  • Well tested Disaster Recovery Service.

Cloud Enterprise Service Bus or On-Premise ESB

  • Publish, Subscribe, Topics, Queues.
  • Routing Rules.
  • SalesForce, SAP, Oracle EBusiness and other adapters.
  • File Adapter, FTP, SFTP, MFTP Adapter.
  • Support for Oracle, DB2, Sybase, SQLServer, MySQL, Postgress and MongoDB Integration.
  • Canonical Data formats for SWIFT, Fix, FpML, EDI, SAP IDOC, xCBL, Ariba, ISO20022, Healthcare EDI and more.
  • Web Services/Rest API.
  • Service Orchestration.
  • Mediation.
  • Advanced Scheduler.
  • Dynamic Caching.
  • Comprehensive Error handling mechanisms.
  • Business Rules Engine (BRE).
  • EAI Patterns supported include: Route, Filter, Monitor, Publish, Transform, Enrich, Decompose, Sequence, Correlate and more...

Cloud Business Process Management or On-Premise BPM

  • Powerful Enterprise Data Modeler with integrated Semantic Repository.
  • Organization Chart Designer.
  • Business Rules Engine with Decision trees.
  • FTP, SFTP, MFTP Adapter.
  • Responsive HTML5 UI Designer (Forms can be viewed on any Mobile Device/Tablets/Desktop browsers).
  • Structured/Unstructured Business Process Modeler.
  • Case Management with Integrated Document Management.
  • Industry Use cases include KYC, Loan Origination, Single View of Customer, Account Opening, Claims processing and more.
  • Integrated with MOND EAI/SOA Builder.
  • Collaborative modeling.
  • Business Rules Engine (BRE).
  • BPM Dashboard with configurable KPI's.
  • End user collaboration/conversation as part of BPM process.

Cloud B2B

  • Finally no more EDI VAN's needed.
  • Powerful Cloud AS2 Server.
  • Powerful Cloud RNIF Server.
  • High Performance Managed FTP Server.
  • Simplified on-premise architecture.
  • EDI for Supply Chain, Logistics, Healthcare.
  • Acord for Insurance.
  • Fix, FpML for Financial Services.
  • SWIFT, ISO20022 for Banking.
  • RNIF for High Tech Industries.

MOND: KYC As a Service

MOND: SOA Architecture