Fastest and most efficient ETL/R

An Efficient, Automated and Rapid Data Integration Platform

500+ Tables, 25,000+ Columns, 30 Different Source Systems, 4 Months to Build...

The MOND platform enables the industry"s easiest and fastest possible development, deployment and management of ETL Services from several diverse data sources.

Key Capabilities


Any Input
Any format, Seamless access to all your data sources

Whether it is SAP, Oracle Financials, Fiserv, QAD, Netsuite, or any other system, MOND Semantic adapters enable rapid and seamless connectivity.

MOND can connect to almost any data source. MOND can also listen to MQSeries, invoke Web Services, pull data from FTP sites in addition to connecting to SQL and NoSQL Databases.

Powerful and Flexible Data Architecture
Enable Data Virtualization across your Enterprise

By virtualizing access to data elements, MOND enables Business rules to be built in a source format independent way.

This significantly reduces risk of data errors, development and support time.

Transform your Data
Seamless and effortless

Whether it is SAP, Oracle Financials, Fiserv, QAD, Netsuite, or any other system, MOND Semantic adapters enable rapid and seamless connectivity.

Whether it is Supply Chain, Logistics, Inventory, Banking, Financial Services or Insurance MOND makes it easy to pull data from a variety of sources and bring it into a single format that can be consumed by any Reporting tool to produce stunning visualization.

Combine Data Sources
Irrespective of their formats

Complex Inner Joins, Outer Joins data aggregation are made easy with the MOND SQL wizard.

You can combine multiple data sources, even if they're in different formats like XML, Excel, CSV or Database.

Handle Very Large files
With no extra coding

Whether it is a 5GB CSV, or 5GB XLS, or a table with 100Million Records, MOND takes care of all the complexity so you don't have to.
Batch inserts into the target Database of your choice is handled automatically by MOND ETL.

Build Aggregation services
Data Validation services

Creating daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual totals are simplified using the Aggregator methods provided by MOND.

Analysts can use familiar functions, business logic, and set up formulas to manipulate the data any way you want.

Fault Tolerant
High Performance

Mond is built on high availability, fault tolerant distributed architecture. We make sure that you will not lose any data or have any duplicates even in case of failure.

MOND Services have earned a well deserved reputation for quality and reliability in mission critical data integration activities.

Manage Schema Changes
Get notified when source data formats change

One of the most common ETL/Data Integration challenges is when new fields are added to the source, or source fields modified.

By using a virtualized definition for each data element, irrespective of whether it appears in the source or the target, MOND can track any type of change to the source or target fields.

It is also possible to compare fields across Servers, so users know the impact of deploying a service to a Production Server.

Business Data Validation
Made Easy

Validating the source data, building a Data Firewall that ensures that only valid data is stored in the Data Warehouse is a breeze with MOND Business Rules engine.

Business rules can be built to work on data in any format, enabling Analysts to create simple to complex business rules.

Live Monitoring
End of the Day Monitoring

While processing large amounts of source data, it is important to be notified of the exact error, irrespective of whether it occurs in the 5th record or the millionth record.

MOND produces an excellent job summary, detailing the source record count, successfully processed row count and details on why certain rows failed.

Users can track an individual service, or a group of services (Job) and get detailed information about it.


"MOND ETL allows us to offer a compelling value proposition to our clients. Shorter implementation time frames, Lower TCO and a compelling ROI." Edenilson Fleischmann - President Indra Services, USA

  • Data warehouse As a Service

    We take care of all the infrastructure (servers, storage, and software), as well as the overhead of managing and optimizing the data warehouse.Indexes, queries, partition keys, archival etc. are all optimized and managed.

  • On-Premise Data Warehouse

    The same software can be installed on-Premise, making a future cloud transition seamless.

  • Proven in Production for Banks

    The software delivers mission critical data from multiple data sources into a single MOND Data Warehouse which is used on a basis for several types of reports.

  • 80% Less Cost & Complexity

    Whether it is on-premise or Cloud, MOND offers high performance at significantly lower costs and time frames.

  • Seamless Scalability

    Enable seamliness integrations into common systems, databases and web services with full scalability and high availability.

  • 3 Lines of Analyst Code

    Whether it is from a large XSL, CSV or any Database, large amoounts of data can be moved to the target with just 3 lines of Business Analyst code.

  • Expose as REST or SOAP

    The Data Warehouse built can be exposed to external applications using Web Services or REST API, providing a single version of the truth to all other applications within the enterprise.

  • Trend Analysis and Predictive Analytics

    Accurate, reliable, timely and consistent MOND Services produces quality data. This can be used to produce several types of reports including Ad-hoc Reports, Trend Analysis, Predictive analytics etc.

  • Single Click Deployment

    Administrate, test, deploy and monitor data warehouse services using a Web Admin Interface. Job logs that enable easy monitoring of daily scheduled services.

  • User Management

    MOND Enables Single Sign-on using LDAP or Active Directory for Data warehouse administrators, as well as Report Builders and Users.

  • Faster ROI

    The Zero license fee, shorter project initiation and implementation times results in a faster ROI.