The Next Generation Business Integration Platform

With MOND EAI you can integrate applications and processes two times faster than with previous generations of products.

MOND combines an Enterprise service bus(ESB) with Business process management(BPM), Event processing, Business Activity Monitoring(BAM),and advanced dashboard capabilities.

  • Connect to anything

    Whether it is Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP, or any Datasource, MOND enables high quality, agile integrations to these systems.

  • Service Mediation

    MOND separates business logic from message formats and protocols, enabling rapid, agile development and seamless migration between formats and versions.

  • Service Orchestration

    MOND enables you to rapidly orchestrate business services to simplify, automate, optimize and accelerate service delivery both within and outside the enterprise.

  • Omni-directional Data Transformation

    MOND Semantic Dictionaries for SAP, Oracle, SWIFT, ISO20022(SEPA), Fix, FpML, Acord enables rapid dynamic data transformation without the need for cumbersome JAXB/XSLT.

  • Transport your data using different Channels/Protocols

    MOND supports JMS, MQSeries, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP, AS2, RNIF, FTP, SFTP, FTPS, SOAP, REST, FIX, FTPS, SFTP etc.Configure not-code approach enables agile development.

  • Create Complex Web Services with ZERO Java Code

    MOND, the Industry's first Browser based Web Services Generator can create Web Services using the UML Data Modeler, connect to data sources, transform data, build complex rules.

  • Cloud Advantage

    MOND ESB can run on-premise, in a private cloud, multi-tenant public cloud or hybrid cloud environment, all from the same software version.

  • Routing, Mediation and Transformation without XSLT/JAXB

    Data can be routed based on several rules including document standard, data content, headers, priority etc.MOND supports all common Enterprise Integration Patterns(EIP's).

  • Massively Scalable, Proven High Performance with High Availability

    MOND has proven support for several thousand concurrent non-blocking HTTP(S) connections. High throughput with millisecond latency. Built in clustering support.

  • Monitor using Built in Dashboard

    Process Experts can collaborate on processes and reuse the business knowledge that has been built up over time.

  • Access Rights for every object

    Access rights can be set for Channel, Web Service, Data transformation project for user groups or users.

  • Version Control, Snapshots, Grouping of Project Artifacts

    Backups, snapshots with audit control, enable you to go back in time to any version.