About Us

Who We Are

MOND is a registered trademark of ConnectGlobalOne. ConnectGlobalOne's team has a history of creating innovative, mission critical software products. Whether you buy a smart phone, transfer money, or buy from retailers, somewhere behind the scene a MOND product is doings its job silently.

Led by an experienced team that has lead small, mid-sized and very large Fortune 100 companies, ConnectGlobalOne combines the agility of startups and stability of larger ones, and helps our customers in implementing business transformation projects.

What We Do

With MOND Cloud BPM, there are no software licenses, hardware or installation services to purchase. It provides a full model driven environment that includes development, testing and deployment. All forms developed are based on Responsive UI, which means they are mobile ready. It has a proven 99.99% availability and security
MOND EAI makes it extremely easy to implement common EAI Patterns. Whether it is publish/subscribe, JMS Topics, Message Routing or Message Transformation, Invoking or Consuming Web Services MOND EAI enables you to implement the patterns quickly and create a robust, scalable and fail-proof ESB.
MOND Cloud is a trusted, proven workhorse, used by several well known brands to exchange structured and unstructured documents with business partners in a secure way using Industry standard protocols likes AS2, RNIF, FTP etc.It has removed the need for costly EDI VAN's based on 90's technology.
Industry Solutions- Insurance
MOND BPM, EAI, Business Rules Engine and Acord Solutions enable our customers to rapidly implement complex business processes. They have been used to expedite claims, reduce data entry, prvovide visibility to partners and to address compliance challenges.
Industry Solutions- Financial Services
MOND supports Customer Onboarding, Employee onboarding, KYC, AML, Integration with Front Office, Middle Office, Document Management, Dodd Franc, FATCA Compliance, Trade Surveillance and more..
Industry Solutions- Supply Chain and Retail
MOND Cloud manages supply chain of globally recognized brands. Rapid partner onboarding across geographies, message standards, 24/7, 365 Business Activity Monitoring, Dashboard for trading partners, ability to implement complex business rules quickly, with no license fees makes MOND a quick win for our global customers.

Our Product and Service Offerings

Working with our partners, ConnectGlobalOne provides our clients a fully integrated, single-source delivery model that includes Design, Build, Deploy Manage and the associated Platform.

    Responsive Application Platform

    Build Responsive UI based business processes.Integrated with EAI, Data Modeler, Document Collaboration and B2B.

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    Instant SOA based Integration

    Create and Invoke Web Services using your Browser.Publish, Subscribe, Enterprise Integration Patterns.

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  • MOND Cloud B2B
    No more expensive VANs

    Cloud based AS2, RNIF, FTP Servers with 99.99% availability, provides a dynamic, powerful B2B Platform to exchange structured documents.

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  • Platform as a Service
    99.995% Availability

    A massively scalable and highly available platform with extreme stability, MOND has met stringent SLA's for our most demanding customers.

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Management Team

Our management team brings decades of diverse experience in different industries and a history of success to the company.Led by this strong advisory team of industry leaders, we are committed to providing innovative BPM and EAI solutions that deliver value to the market while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with BPM and EAI and enabling rapid implementations. The management team provides strategic direction and works together to ensure we exceed our customer expectations.

  • Alnoor Ramji


    Alnoor served as the Chief Executive Officer of BT Global Services Ltd, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Misys Banking at Misys Limited, Chief Information Officer at UBS and as Global Head of Operations at Credit Suisse First Boston.

  • Kevin Covington


    Kevin Covington,has nearly 30 years of financial services experience and for the past two consecutive years have been ranked in the top 40 worldwide of Institutional Investors Trading Technology's most influential people.


  • Bala Vishwanath

    Founder and CEO

    Bala has been a serial Entrepreneur for more than 15 years. Bala has been passionately involved in creating products that are in use in several fortune 100 companies including Nestle, Henkel, LOreal, Axa Bank, Google etc.


  • Sankar Aiyar


    Sankar was earlier a Managing Director at Citigroup, Chief Technology Officer at CLS Bank and brings more than 30 years of Financial services experience to MOND.



  • Jappy Takhar


    Jappy serves as Managing Director for comitFS, responsible for vision and strategy.Prior to this, Jappy was the global lead innovator for BT Unified Trading Server, leveraging his more than 20 years experience.