MOND Cloud announces 99.99% availability in 1st 10 months of 2014

ConnectGlobalOne(CG1) Inc, a cloud based EAI, B2B, BPM and BAM Platform provider has announced that the MOND Platform provided 99.99% availability in the first 10 months of 2014.

Toronto, Ontario: October 2014. ConnectGlobalOne a recognized, innovative provider in EAI, BPM and B2B today announced that as per Pingdom statistics, MOND Cloud has provided 99.99% availability to its global customers.

Managing Supply Chain of some of the most well recognized brands: MOND Cloud is used by a leading Smartphone designer/manufacturer to manage its end to end supply chain process.The mobile supply chain is a complex web of vendors that manufacture several components, 3PL's that deliver the phones, carriers that procure and manage customer interactions, and several thousand service centers. At any point, there are several million components/phones that move through the value chain. Managing this requires strong collaboration capabilities between the different partners. A delay in any part of the supply chain, can result in significant revenue loss.

MOND Cloud is also used by leading retailers and online portals to manage home deliveries in USA and Canada.Both solutions requires complex business rules, ability to onboard partners using a wide variety of formats and above all stringent SLA's.

"Our clients are some of the worlds most well recognized brands.They trust us to provide them with ultra stable, robust, fail proof EAI,B2B platform", says Bala Vishwanath, CEO and co-founder of ConnectGlobalOne."Earlier customers needed different products from different vendors to manage their supply chain. By combining multiple functional areas like EAI, B2B, EDI VAN into a single offering, we are able to provide a single SLA across the entire supply chain" says Bala.

Rajesh Rao, Product Manager of the MOND Enterprise Integration Platform says "The MOND platform is built on several open source and commercial components. It also depends on infrastructure provided by Amazon Web Services(AWS). Bringing all of these together into a scalable, highly available platform requires a world class architecture. We are proud of the architectural choices and design decisions that have enabled us to meet the most demanding requirements of our clients".

MOND is available in 2 versions. A public platform where ConnectGlobalOne and its partners are responsible for the software, hardware and 24/7 365 day service. This enables customers to manage the entire supply chain without any on-premise software. The platform is also available as an on-premise version. The on-premise version is used by leading banks to create a central payment hub.