Let us look at current Integration

Microsoft Biztalk

  • Not ready for a Citizen Integrator
  • Field by field mapping, can quickly become very complex and difficult to maintain
  • Same service cannot be used for transformation in the reverse direction
  • Difficult to extend this for new versions without significant changes(4.0, 4.1,4.2 etc.)
  • Difficult to extend the service for a slightly different output (different system, partner, format etc.)

Improved Biztalk?

IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender

Same approach.

Software AG(WebMethods)

Same approach.

Tibco ActiveMatrix

Same approach.

Liaison Contivo

Same approach.


Same approach.


Same approach.


Same approach.


Same approach.

MOND: An Alternative approach

The MOND Design team is made up of several experienced Architects with more than 15 years experience each. MOND was born out of the frustrating experience of using many of the products listed above, and repeating the same task over and over again for every new project.

  • Innovative Design

    MOND Data Integration represents a clear move from the traditional drag and drop source to target fields approach.This innovative approach has reduced data integration efforts by 80% and TCO by more than 80% for global brands.

  • Separate Data format from Business Logic

    With MOND, programmers do not have to worry about XML tags, SWIFT tags, FIX Tags, EDI Tags or any XML/EDI syntax.This results in higher quality, shorter development timeframes and rapid integration.

  • Encapsulate Data Format

    MOND Semantic Dictionaries for Banking, Finance, Insurance, Supply Chain represents the Industry's first libraries that hide the implementation details, enabling programmers to comply with standards rapidly.

  • Object Oriented Data Integrations

    With MOND, reusable components can be created, resulting in a new Data Integration approach, where programmers have to build only the differences for each new interface.

  • Omni-Directional Data Transformation

    MOND generates code to directly transform all fields of a source format to a target format or the reverse direction, without any coding.

  • Automatically support multiple Target versions

    With MOND, you can easily migrate from one version of a standard to another version of a standard without redoing the entire data integrations from scratch.

  • Finally, make every programmer an "Expert" in every Industry standard

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MOND Citizen Integrator