BPM, EAI and B2B in a Single Solution

Trusted by leading brands, recognized Industry Leaders.Available on Amazon AWS, Secure Private Cloud(Invitation Only) and On Premise.

Go-live in days

Payments in 40+ Countries, went live in 4 months. Integrated 30+ Source Systems into Data warehouse completed in 5 months.

Instant SOA based Integration

Integrate Internal and External applications using the Agile MOND framework for Web Services, Business Rules, Processes etc.

Rapid Partner Onboarding

Use the Semantic Data Dictionaries, Data Models for Insurance, Banking, Financial Services, SupplyChain to exchange Structured/Unstructured Documents in a secure way with partners.

80% Lower TCO

MOND requires 5% of code compared to traditional software.500+ Database tables, 25,000+ columns less than 2500 lines of code.

Our Clients never have to call our support team

When there are no Production Issues, our clients are happy, our support team is happy....

MOND Agile Platform

Enterprise Service Bus Internal Integration B2B Platform Semantic ETL

How are our clients using this Platform?

Payments in 40+ Countries. Go-live in 4 months

500+ Database tables, 25,000+ Columns, less than 2,500 lines of code

Agile Supply chain to manufacture on-demand

Insurance Rules Engine to respond to Quote Requests

Why our Clients never have to call our support teams?

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On Premise or Cloud or a Mix?

In todays market, MOND is the ONLY product that offers fully integrated BPM, EAI and B2B Capabilities and a single version of the product can be used as a multi-tenant cloud instance or deployed On-premise as a private cloud solution.

Why is this important to you?

Using the cloud version means implementing rapid POC's, going live in weeks instead of months with traditional solutions and seeing immediate ROI's.

It also means having the freedom to move from Cloud to On-Premise or from On-Premise to Cloud, or using a mixture of the two.

MOND uses the same Codebase for on-Premise deployment and Cloud deployment. This enpowers users to move freely from on-Premise to Cloud or vice versa, without rewriting the integration code.