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Lesson 2

Create Data Models

In this section you will learn how to create a Data Model, define classes representing data objects that will be used in the Business Processes.

To create a Data Model , Login to the MOND BPM Designer.

Step 1

  • Click here to login to MOND BPM
  • Navigate to Designer -> Data Modeler. List of existing Data Models will be displayed

MOND Class Diagram

Step 2

  • On the menu bar, click Add New.(A new window will open)
  • Enter the name of the Class Diagram and click Save.

MOND Class Diagram

Step 3

  • The Class Diagram will be saved and a canvas will be displayed with a default class.

MOND Class Diagram

Step 4

  • To change the name of the Class, click the Class box, and click Properties on the menu bar. A properties window will open.
  • Change the Class name, enter a namespace for the Class and enter a brief description for the Class. Ensure that the Class name together with the name space will be a unique Class.
  • Navigate to the Variable tab in the Properties window to define elements of the Class.

MOND Class Diagram

Step 5

  • Click Add Variable, enter the element name, select the data type of the element, enter the industry standard Business term for the element, enter a brief description.
  • If the element can contain more than one item, then set isArray checkbox to Checked (✔).
  • Click Save.
  • If you need to define an element that refers to a pre-defined class, you can select the pre-defined class in the Type field.
  • After adding all the elements, close the Properties window and click Save Diagram on the menu bar. The Class will be saved.
  • You can move the class by selecting the class and dragging it to the desired place. You can also align the classes using the icons on the BPM Designer tool bar.

To delete a Class, within the Class Diagram

  • Select the Class.
  • Press Delete key on your keyboard.
  • Click Save Diagram on the menu bar to save your changes.

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